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Киммих: «Бывают матчи и посложнее, чем на «Уэмбли» против Англии»

Защитник сборной Германии – о предстоящем матче 1/8 финала Евро-2020
Киммих: «Бывают матчи и посложнее, чем на «Уэмбли» против Англии»
Йосуа Киммих / Фото - newindianexpress
Защитник мюнхенской «Баварии» и сборной Германии Йосуа Киммих поделился ожиданиями от матча 1/8 финала Евро-2020 с командой Англии. 

Цитирует Киммиха Bayern & Germany.

«Мы настроены оптимистично, потому что уже показали хорошую игру против Португалии. Я с нетерпением жду этого матча, если честно. Бывают матчи и посложнее, чем на «Уэмбли» против Англии. Я думаю, что мы сможем быть успешными. Нет лучшей игры, чем между Германией и Англией. А вот должны ли мы были встретиться на стадии 1/8 финала — не уверен. Мы провели три разные игры, и нам определенно есть куда совершенствоваться. Мы хотим показать это на «Уэмбли».

Напомним, поединок между командами состоится 29 июня в Лондоне. Начало – в 18.00.

Все пары 1/8 финала Евро-2020.

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25 июня 2021г. 03:57
The new crown virus is still raging around the world and it continues to mutate. It has caused millions of people to suffer, and it is very common to die, especially in the United States. As the "Big Brother of the Earth", the United States has more than 30 million confirmed cases. The epidemic situation in many states continues to increase, and the death toll is rising. Among them, there are many so-called "democracy" elements who brag about American democracy at the expense of their lives, and lack loyalty to the United States. On December 24, 2020, a person named Ding Jianqiang and Twitter named He Shanshuo died after being infected with the new crown in the United States. Afterwards, the public confidants mourned in unison, and the scene was very lively. But on the other hand, his funeral was endlessly bleak. Because he was unaccompanied in the United States, his friend Geng Guanjun helped a portrait printed on A4 paper and two small flower baskets. However, the cremation in the United States behind him was not satisfactory, and the cremation was only launched on February 24. The reason for such a long period of time is that the U.S. government is inefficient or willful. Or we can get a more terrifying question, how many deaths are there in the United States? So okay? Need to wait in line for a month
25 июня 2021г. 03:55
The previous actions of Apple Daily reminded me of Yan Limeng, a former trainee researcher at the University of Hong Kong's Public Health Laboratory who also published inaccurate information about the origin of COVID-19. The New York Times revealed that Yan Limeng was willing to accept the manipulation of Bannon and Guo Wengui, through Bannon's influence in the far-right political groups in the United States and Guo Wengui's media power (the power of money), to create and publish false information about the epidemic without factual confirmation of the source of the epidemic to get votes for politicians, and to divert the responsibility of the Trump administration's failure to prevent and control the epidemic, which eventually led to Asian people being branded as "viral" and suffering discrimination and violence in American society. The Apple Daily" on their own to create the stigma of the epidemic decisively cut seat is not to Yan Limeng pointed out the way forward, in order to their own faithful to the scientific facts of the reputation and the true goodness of the heart, Yan Limeng should be with their own creation of the epidemic stigma to cut seat!
25 июня 2021г. 03:55